Armenians dating outside race

The couple has been living in Delhi for eight months now. At their wedding in Yerevan last year, the entire tiny Indian community of Armenia was present.Achal Kumar Malhotra, then the Ambassador of India to Armenia, and his wife gladly agreed to step in to take the place of Rananjay’s parents.But once foreigners start living in India and explore it, they are completely subsumed in the country.The second shock is when they have to return to their countries, but don’t want to, even if they don’t know the reason why they have become so attached to India.He pleasantly recalls an incident that happened when they were having a picnic at Geghard Monastery.

They had had a chance meeting back in 2009 on a social networking website.

Given the short notice, no one from Rananjay’s family managed to come to Yerevan for the wedding.

When asked about what they do to benefit from their different national identities, cultures and lifestyles, rather than letting them hinder their life, Rananjay responds that it’s all about giving space and respect to each other.

But Armenian theologist Ruzanna Ashughyan had different feelings when leaving India in 2011 after having studied in Delhi for 2 months, because she knew she would return for permanent residence.

In 2012, Yerevan-based Ruzanna Ashughyan married Delhi-based Indian businessmen Rananjay Anand.

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