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Russell Wilson and Ciara decided Access Hollywood was as private as any place to announce they were not going to fuck each other until they were married.

For Wilson this was a profoundly religious decision based on a conversation with a very important friend: God is like that. Ciara admits it’s been tough to keep her hungry vagina free and clear of famous black guy cock for any length of time, but given that she just had the rapper Future’s baby and her twat is still healing from 50 Cent and Cam Newton back to back, an ice pack and some healing time might be the right call. Wilson is quick to note it’s hard for him as well to keep his paws off his hot girlfriend, but that focusing on the upcoming season and hot male cock in his hands and mouth ease the burden.

but now, it appears to be official -- with Wilson bringing her as his date for dinner with President Obama and the Prime Minister of Japan.

It turns out that Cam’s “rock the cradle” touchdown dance was a direct reference to their new child.

The 'Ride' singer has fuelled the rumour mill even more when she tweeted: "LOVE brings out the KID IN YOU.."Do you think Ci Ci is dating Cam?

PHOTOS: Serena Williams Spotted With Bald Patch On Dinner Date!

After searching forever on Twitter, I’m 100% sure it’s Bird’s daughter.

It doesn’t look like she uses his last name though.” This story sounds pretty outrageous to us.

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I watched other athletes walk up to her and speak so I was really curious at this point so I asked someone. I did read somewhere that he had kids out of wedlock but who knew he had a black kid?

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