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It was not that I was unattractive, for I had been told that my countenance was quite pleasing.

I thought that perhaps the isolation of our estate, had more to do with it than anything else. She had a small suite of rooms and one of them would most certainly do for me.

I felt no remorse for his poor fortune, as he was an abusive man who had threatened me on more than a few occasions, even with physical violence should I not acquiesce to his demands.

Although he had no idea where I had gone, it would not take him long to figure it out.

It was therefore not uncommon for one or the other to spend extended periods of time. When my parents were killed, I was just eighteen, and too young to be left alone in the great house on Dartmoor.

Instead, after the funeral, I was transported to my cousin's estate.

She was of the mind that I should have ended my marriage years before.Both having been raised in Devon, she and I were often thrown together as children.With her family hailing from Exeter and mine from Plymouth, there was a fair length of road between our estates.I am leaving you with the sum of fifty thousand pounds, which my solicitors will deliver to you in a few days time.There is a condition attached to this generous offer, and I strongly suggest you accept the terms.

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***** Chapter One: Leaving London Quite simply, it was time to get away from the life that I once found so enticing.

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