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Finally, all human groups are completely dependent on the use of language, without which they could not survive, and there is nothing comparable among their nearest nonhuman kin.

The learning of previous generations is passed on by linguistic means, and new insights and experiences by individuals can become the property of the group as a whole when these are verbally transmitted.

From long before the time of the ancient Greeks, human beings were generally recognized as members of the animal world.

Much later, in the middle of the 19th century, Charles Darwin, in his brilliant book 'On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection' (1859), forced the world to face the fact that all the living creatures of the world had almost certainly descended from a common ancestor.

In most instances, their discovery was the work of paleontologists as a somewhat incidental by-product of their efforts at recovering the much more abundant skeletal remains of various kinds of prehistoric mammals (see Skeleton).

Stone tools, however, do not dissolve and disappear the way bones often do.

In the 4th century BC, the Greek philosopher Plato somewhat flippantly defined "man" as an erect and featherless biped.The occupants of the cultural ecological niche impose a series of selective pressures on each other as they use language and other aspects of culture to their advantage.In general, those who have trouble learning the rudiments of language will have less chance for survival.These are just a few examples of what you can do with the export but you can organize and edit it to meet almost any need.You can open this in Excel, Numbers, or any spreadsheet program.

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Although the archaeological and anatomical record does provide us with some indirect clues by which the answers to such questions can be suggested, those answers are only tentative.

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