Dns not updating ip addresses

Unfortunately, most VPN software fails to direct IPv6 traffic through the VPN tunnel, so when you connect to an IPv6 enabled website, your browser will make an IPv6 DNS request outside the VPN, which is therefore handled by your ISP.

VPN providers that offer “DNS leak protection” in their clients’ usually side-step the problem by simply disabling IPv6 in the OS.

Using the right scripts, a website can determine which server resolved a DNS request directed to it.

This will not allow it to pinpoint your exact real IP address, but will foil attempts to geo-spoof your location, and allows police etc.

In addition to being major security risk, there are also reports of Windows 10 users suffering slow page loading and timeouts due to this issue This problem has led the United States Computer Readiness Team (US-CERT), an official department of the US Department of Homeland Security, to issue an alert.

I have discussed all the issues listed here at length before on Best VPN (and will link to relevant articles where appropriate), but it is time to bring together all known causes that may answer the questions: Why is my IP leaking even though I am connected to a VPN? To determine if you are suffering an IP leak, visit

If you are connected to a VPN and you can see your true IP address (or even just your ISP’s name) anywhere on this page then you have an IP leak. The Dynamic Name System (DNS) is used to translate the easy-to-understand and remember web addresses that we are familiar with, to their “true” numerical IP addresses: for example translating the domain name its IP address of

Adoption of IPv6, however, has been slow – mainly due to upgrade costs, backward capability concerns, and sheer laziness.

Consequently, although all modern Operating Systems support IPv6, the vast majority of websites do not yet bother.

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