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As a teenager (and for many years after), I’d believed I was incredibly unattractive (repulsive even) and this made me all the more self-conscious. I felt totally unattractive, undesirable and unlovable.So at that point in my life, I didn’t just not have a girlfriend… It honestly broke my heart and I felt I had to hide this very deep pain from the world.Plus, on top of all that, it made me self-conscious.

Moreover, I felt embarrassed about how little I knew or understood about dating, and I tried to mask that shame, embarrassment and nervousness with all sorts of fun over-compensating behaviors to hide my lack of confidence.

I was the second of four children in my family; two brothers and a youngest sister.

As a kid, I was pretty wild and out of control, to be perfectly honest. he was not the kind of father who would tolerate misbehavior or poor performance.

I studied everything from pop-psychology to deep, extremely academic texts, papers and studies.

What I was really searching for was a key to love, attraction and what makes human relationships work.

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Since 2009, I have been writing love advice, dating tips and relationship advice for women all over the world.

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  1. As a teenager and, later on, young adult, Frank suffered from being a member of a broken family: her brother was a law fugitive, her father would appear in her life only occasionally, and Frank became distressed about these issues, needing psychiatric help.